need a new machine

When your most trusted printer suddenly has a malfunction one day, what should you do? You are suddenly facing the dilemma of buying a new printer or just have it repaired. So what is the best option for you and your printer? This article will discuss the pros and cons of buying a new printer and fixing your old one.

Why it is best to fix it?

You can consider fixing your printer if you notice the following:

  • When the cost of the repair is less compared to the price of the new printer.
  • If the repair is just simple, then try to give it a go. Simple repair such as replacing a new roller for your Brother LC103 Ink is still not worth the reason to buy a new one.
  • When your printer is basically new and you like all the functions it has, then repairing it is a good option. Just forget about buying a new model because you are just wasting your money.

When is it time to replace a new one?

An alternative is to replace a new printer, but first consider, the factors below.

  • When fixing is more expensive and is comparable to the price of the new printer, then buying a new one absolutely makes more sense.
  • If the repair is not as simple as replacing the inkjet and laser printer, then it is now time to say goodbye to your old printer, and an upgrade could be all worth it.
  • If you want faster speed and good quality, then consider buying a new one.


Replacing an old trusted ally is a difficult decision to make. However, when the need arises, we really have to think about saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new to make things better.